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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Seoul's Dream Forest @ Summer

 The green ..not that green...but still...green enough for the summer.
the best place to have Frisbee....!! 
It's one hour before Magrib and we're spending time to have the buka puasa at the park @ Dream Forest. I let Freya and her sister do stuffs they're desperate enough to do..Frisbee-ing.!! 
oh..and rope-jumping, too. I didn't know that they even brought it along with them. 
Then...as the sun set and the sky's lit up with the lights from the far-down-below city lights, we began our buka bersama at the park. 
Tired, Eyra/ Ok..stop whatever you're doing and gather around... 
Three pairs of "..........." at the twilight dusk of Seoul Forest.
*no twilight's visible..only the shot of our sandals.

Buka Puasa Bersama @ KBRI

The 3rd Saturday in Ramadan. And...it's the 3rd event of Buka Bersama or breaking-the-fast-together held at the aula of Indonesian Embassy in Seoul. Overseas Indonesians,  immigrants, students, and migrant workers residing in Seoul and its vicinity were welcome. Oh, it's not just a simple 'buka bersama' but as usual, prior to having the fasting dinner, we have a 2-hour session of lecture.
The topic for that day was Indonesian culture and how to nurture it in other countries.
Okay..I won't touch that theme since it's gonna require much space to jot it down.^^ 
The second presenter was Mr. Anton from Ciputra Entrepreneurship University in Indonesia. He gave us a lecture that mainly dealt with the importance of 'entrepreneur-ING and 'marketing' the culture.  
Then, the last session was closed by the Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. John A. Prasetio. He was accompanied by our moderator for the day, Mr. Didik Eko, the counselor. Credits to Mr. Didik for initiating the weekend-gathering like this. 
After the Magrib (dusk), we went down to the basement to have the iftar. Well, yes...I think there were about 500 people attended that evening's buka puasa.  
Bumped into my friends, Ahmad ( the train transportation expert), and Ony Jamhari (the traveler guy cum expert in marketing)...and me. ^^ 
Again, with Ony and Rizky (international relation dept)..the same university I am attending.
Oh, Rizky..congrats for graduating this August. Salute.
That's it. A good buka puasa bersama with friends @ KBRI.

Bubble Show @ Freya's Kindergarten

Summer vacation has finally arrived. But, before that...the school prepared pre-summer activities that included 'bubble show' at the school's auditorium. The invited performer did a good job of entertaining the kids and their parents. 
here is the link to the video I shot during the show.
Oh, Freya was granted a stand-inside-bubble gift for being 'nice' during the show.
Right after the show, the kids and their moms were ushered into the classroom to start 'making' their lunch. Yup..that's what they did.
A morning well-spent with Freya.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I lost 4 kg since the start of Ramadan.
I don't know what to feel about it? 
elated? ecstatic? at the thought of me...@ 50.8 kg?
Gee..I simply do not know...

@ Bapuri

The nearest restaurant serving Korean food: Bapuri. SInce its initial opening months ago, I never see an empty atmosphere. I think lots of people start to find it useful.
Today, we ordered the cheese rapukki,..치즈 라뽁이 , and 비빔국수 or spicy mixed noodle. The latter was so spicy that I gave up eating....^^
It looked like they started to find spicy food as a challenging treat.
Though hot and spicy as it was, they managed to make the best of their time.

At the KBS Tube

After the interview, we got to get back to work. On our way to the lobby, 
we snapped some pictures at the connecting tube full of pictures highlighting 
KBS's previously aired programs.  
What a color. This will surely be a moment to remember. Right, guys?

Going to KBS World Radio for Interview

Taking the ITX Saemaul from Suwon to Yongdeungpo, Seoul....with Benro and his brother-in-law. In just 20 minutes, we arrived in Seoul at around 2 pm...which left us with one-hour free to roam at the KBS ground prior to the main event of the day. 
Yes...this is it.
We finally made it. It's been our goal to invite these three young DJs of UT Korea Radio to the 'Tokoh Bulan Ini' or 'Person(s) of the Month's program @ KBS World Radio Indonesia. 
DJ DIkka, DJ Benro, and DJ Aris as they're commonly known are some of the select few who at this occasion ...sort of represented the other DJs who couldn't make it to the interview due to the difficulties of having permission from their sajangnim to get their day off from work. Well, of course, since they are literally Indonesian migrant workers who happen to be students at the UT (Universitas Terbuka) as well as the DJs at the UT Korea Radio, it's not that easy to get permitted to be exempted from their daily work.
But, somehow...they manage to do it.
Aris--shown on the screen above--is the newest among the three of them--so I guess. Hosted by Pak Nugroho, the interview started at about 3.15 pm which then lasted for about another 20 minutes..a few minutes longer than expected...due to all DJ's eloquent speaking in uttering and expressing their thoughts.  
Right after the interview ended, we managed to get a group photo to immortalize the moment we had. Frankly speaking, it's been our goal to have them interviewed right here since Benro, the guy in blue jacket, has to leave for Indonesia next week for  medical reason.  
More member joined us in..in the whole group picture. 
As for the last session of the pic...the duo DJs..Dikka and Benro...snugged out of the blue to make the best chance of 'reaffirming' their being there.

Yeouido Style

Yeouido style. omg....I just couldn't believe that we ended up posing together
at this park. Aris and Dikka are my fellow dear students whom I feel comfy with
Even at an unprecedented moment like this.
we just finished having an interview at KBS world radio...and since we still had enough time to
Hang around.....we might as well make the best of our time....ngabuburit ~ing @ the park. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Breaking 'Fast'.....^^ with UT Korea DJs

Es campur or mixed ice...fruit cocktail a la Indonesia.
What could be better than having a splash of tropical fruit cocktail in summer? 
After a looong day work of shopping for our mini studio, preparing our mini studio, setting up the studio, and of course...enjoying the concert, we finally managed to book the terrace section of Warung Kita--Indonesian restaurant in Ansan. 
With all of the DJs of UT Radio Korea, we're having a great time ..celebrating what we achieved today.  
From left, Dj Pipin, DJ Hadi, me, Right: DJ Awan, DJ Aris, and mas Khoirul.
mas Khoirul and I have been doing our best to accommodate the need and ideas of our fellow DJs for the sake of our radio. 

Salam Ramadan from Ansan, Korea

Indonesian migrant workers and Indonesian community in Ansan were celebrating the Ramadan with a concert. In line with the current issues, we also made the concert into an outlet to collect some donation for our beloved friend, Benro, who's diagnosed with cancer...and also...we waved the awareness among our fellow members about the current issue happening in Gaza. Save the Palestine movement was also one of the highlights of the concert. 
Since it's carried out in an open air stage next to Ansan Migrant Center, lots of people did come in and participated in the event. 
Our friend, ms. Uswariyah, was interviewing one of the directors of Ansan Migrant Center during the event. 
As for me...the selfie-freak....., Aris, me, and Awan...were selfie-ing ourselves with the concert as the background. 
Crowds. Music overheard. Bazaar. Ramadan. Summer. Fun. Togetherness.
All in one.

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