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Monday, July 6, 2015

Childhood in Black and White & Color (?)

It's true that people cannot remember all. I didn't recall some of these except for the smell of my bike's rubber seat. I still vividly remembered the colors of my bike....but I did not remember the time when it was taken. 
One thing for sure, though,....Wawan was so cute as a kid. 
He's trying to walk. I guess it was in the early 1977 then. Wow... the brick gate of the house was intact...with 1945 inscription on it I supposed.
then....me on top of a motorcycle. ..at my grandparents' house. The relief or embossed wall painting at the back was my only recollection of it.
Me and my brother, Wawan, in front of our house front gate. Hmm..looked like I was grabbing his shirt preventing him from crawling away.
...then...me playing a guitar only for the sake of photo shooting.
I knew it since I didn't play any guitar back then....and neither do I now.^^
♡oh...where's my train now? AMAZINGLY. ..I still remember the smell of its corroded iron it was made of.
hmmm...Agung and Bapak....inscriptions I wrote by myself.
...at a photo studio? Along with my milk bottle? OH...please 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pieces from My Undergraduate Memoir

Graduated in 1998 when Indonesia experienced a political turmoil during the economic crisis. But. ..that didn't mean that I wasn't happy....No. my happiness of graduating from UGM was beyond words.
my parents came all the way from Kediri to Jogja. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Mom and Dad, too.
oh...it's taken right in front of the School.of Humanities or Faculty of Letters back then.
yup...I took.these pictures by myself when we were demonstrating at the main building back in 1998.
wow...what a year!
Anyway....that's the past and...what's good about it was that the 1990s was a great decade for me....being a student.
I went to Lake Toba in North Sumatra.
...attending a national gathering of students from.across Indonesia.
....participating in a hmm...was it monthly? Discussion or was it during Ramadan? Gosh...I wish I remembered. But...one thing for sure I know who my friends are.
All.of them are lecturers now..wow. mas Arif Rokhman, me, mas Achmad Munjid, and my junior back then...Hanung Trihatmoko.
who could forget the fun we had of being the committee in.a seminar where Rae Sita Supit was once one of the speakers???
UC ..University Center...gee..20 years ago!!!
Or....the one with Salim Jeffrey...and Dr. Pudjiastuti..!!+
it was Ramadan.
with my friends...angkatan 1992 Sastra Inggris UGM.

Gee....I DID that?

I guess kids know no gender...or was it just me? I mean...I loved playing with my sister and cousins....not just any casual things boys usually do..but I loved cooking...make-believe...selling stuffs...
...while other boys tended to play soccer or any physical stuffs....NOT me. ㅋㅋㅋ
and...I wonder what I was thinking. Maybe nothing..simply because that's what I liked doing. Judging from my red pants...I must be an elementary school at that time.
and...me...with my brother and sister.
I guess I was in high school at that time.
Judging from the jeans I was wearing.
so 1990s.

Summer Delicacy: 콩국수

I took the kids out for dinner...and as for me to have my fasting broken^^
We went to 참죽...a restaurant specializing in well being Korean food.
We ate at the 2nd floor of the restaurant where we could enjoy the interior.
woa....it's been a year since the last time we had it.^^
양에 진짜 많아서....한 그릇인데 3명까지 먹을 수 있다ㆍ

Arisan Bapak-Bapak

....tentu saja bukan. Ini adalah kami yg baru saja berbuka puasa bersama di rumah om.Kiky dan tante Nia di Wolgok. 
ibu-ibu ada di kamar sebelah sedangkan kami ada di sini.
menu hari itu  wow...macam-macam: tumis, sambal, pizza, krupuk, dawet, pudding, kolak, ayam, tahu isi, gorengan dll.
RT Wolgok! 만세!!!


Mama surprised us with pizza. Not any kind of pizza. It's the one she made by herself!
So that explained the "thud thud" sound I overheard early in the afternoon..when she was making the dough!!+ 
Put it inside a box....dada....완성!!!
Homemade pizza!!! That I could not eat since it was full with toppings like sausages. ...meat...chicken....oh well.
I would wait for the veggie version.

Aris and Hari's Visit

My students at UT: Aris and Hari paid a visit to our home to bid adieu, for they would go home for a month to celebrate Aid ul Fitr at home. Sure...I'm happy to know that they'd spend holidays with their families back home. 
Wefie: oh...tentu sj mrk semalam tlh inap di rumah..berbuka dan sahur bersama. 
ok...잘 갔다 와. Hope to have a great one-month long holiday.
Aris dan Hari...two among my students who dedicated their time to work and study in Korea....
~thanks for stopping by, guys.
Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin, ya��

Eyra pergi ke Sekolah as usual

Dengan tas Hello Kitty terbarunya, kuambil gambar ini pas Eyra mulai memasuki kompleks sekolahnya. 
Jam 9 teng masuk, namun biasanya 10 menit sblmnya kami sdh sampai di dekat sekolah....setelah menempuh 20 menit perjalanan dg subway en bis.
Have a great time always, kid.

Eyra dan Freya dgn Kakek Yang

Setelah minum di Artisse, kafe dekat kampus...
...en setelah mrk mimum ...kami rapat di seberang..kami pun mengakhiri rendezvous mlm itu. 
hmm...tiramisu, green tea latte, double chocolates. ...
setelahnya, Kakek Yang menggandeng dua cucunya...
mengantar kami menuju perempatan...
...untuk pulang naik bis.
...tentu sj tak kulewatkan moment itu begitu saja...
walo Freya coba 도망했다 ...
...akhirnya berhasil juga memfoto mereka.

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