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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Petite France Revisited (part 2)

I won't say much about this. Let the pictures do the talking.^^ 
 more antiques I couldn't resist ....not to take pictures of.
Tour buses parked outside the village. Gosh.........there are lots of foreigners coming & visiting this little France --which as I said earlier...was due to the power of K-Drama..which lured them to come and take the taste of what Korea is. 
One giant picture showing the prowess of K-Drama's shooting location to lure tourists.
I hope you got a great day, Viska.^^

Petite France Revisited (part 1)

April 4, 2014:
Petite France is famous for its antiquities The first antique I saw was the one I haven't seen for years...--> this old and red scale. The last time I saw this was when I was in my high school days.:) 
The last time I was here was back in 2011. Nothing much changed except its entrance--which was completely different. And oh, yes..the paint seemed to be so new now...and the surroundings are more naturally blended into the houses.
New attractions are added like this one.
And what drove people to this place was nothing more than a mere infatuation that this so-called Petite France has been used as shooting locations for K-Drama, notably: Secret Garden & the latest installment of "You Who Are from The Star" 별에서 온 그대.
Spring really welcomed us that day. 
Viska, my friend with whom I visited the place, was more than relieved to be--at least--able to visit the place--finally...though for an hour to take some shots of the place. 
I also loved taking pictures of the plates attached on the wall. They are the quintessential portrayals of what France may have looked like..in the past. (I could be wrong) since I've never been there myself ㅋㅋㅋ
Thanks to these plates...쁘띠 프랑스는 찐짜 예뻐 보인다.  
Singer sewing machine: another antiquities that I found it eye-catching amidst the endless arrays of displays.
Another section of a house that visitors could visit to take a peep into another K-Drama's shooting location.

Enroute to Petite France

Spotted a BALI floating restaurant!! Yes, I was on a bus-ride that took us from Cheongpyeong station to Petite France.  
During a 30-minute ride, I was a bit sleepy but the sight of Chuncheon lake kinda woke me up and made me sober--again! 
The barren trees along the road seemed to 'ignite' my curiosity and drenched me into questions as to whether I had made the right choice of going to Chuncheon area at this period...thinking that the view must've been breathtaking--considering it'd been Spring time---or so I thought. 
But..never mind...the view of the lake itself was worthy of the price
 I paid for the trip alone.  
#Gee, I wished I could just remove those cables!!! 
#cables and more cables...seemed to obstruct the view. But, well..what could we do? After all, there IS an electricity plant near the lake. So???

An Ad on Subway that Caught My Attention

As usual, being a commuter on subway gives me (at times) an advantage of being able to notice some social changes that are happening right in front of me (Except ...when I am HOOKED into my smartphone!!!!!!!)--which is a terrible habit I got to admit:-)
As someone who loves taking picture, especially on stuffs that I found irresistibly interesting, I would snap out of it right away. LIKE THIS ONE.
wow, I never thought that there would be a public-service ad like this one.
일제감정지 강제동원 피애자: 
(For) the Victims of Forced Mobilization during Japanese Occupation.
위로금 등 지급 신청 접수 연장 
(There is) an extension of application period to receive compensation etc. 
신청기한: 2014년 6월 30일까지
Application Period: Until June 30, 2014
문의사항 /Inquiries: (02)......
대일항쟁기 강제동원 피해조사 지원위원회
A Supporting Committee for Victims of Forced Mobilization during the Struggle Against Japan
( I hope I translate it well).
Anyhow..what I'd like to point out was that...through this ad, I came to realize that there are some people (victims) of Japanese mobilized labors (I wonder if it is the same as that of romusha?労務者? in Indonesia) period in Korea...who are yet to be acknowledged and appropriately supported or touched upon by the government. 

Campus & Youido in Spring

Monday, March 31-2014. 
I spotted some gardeners designing the main thoroughfare at the campus center. 

As I continued walking towards international building where I mostly have my classes, I spotted the quintessential yellow & white flowers of spring-time. 
It's quite unusual for me to go pass this route, but...the flowers seemed to wave at me and tricked me into walking through the path leading into the main building...which turned out to be full of cherry-blossoms adorning the morning of that day. 
Got them captured on my camera while they lasted.  
April 2nd, 2014. Around noon, I was walking towards the line 9 after finishing my work @ Youido. Just when I was about to turn around the block, I noticed something familiar..and too-good-to-ignore: cherry blossoms. AGAIN! 
With Youido business district as its backdrop, surely I wouldn't have let the moment slip right through my lenses. 
The Conrad Hotel and other commercial sky-rises where lots of major companies "headquarter" themselves were almost a-routine-weekly-spectacle that I see on my way to and from work. 

TWO Colors of Spring..in Pleasantville!!!

One is the pale white and grey color that even the bright blue sky cannot overtake it. 
Yet, this is a quintessential color of spring--at least what I saw along my walk veering off the alleys near Gyeongbokgung Palace. 
Even a facade of Museum of Contemporary Arts along with the passing by cars...only enhanced the grey-white feeling of spring that my eyes were witnessing. 
Just when I veered off into an alley around it, I couldn't help but notice a remarkably stand-out cafe(?) at the intersection of the alley... 
This is unquestionably one of my fave pictures that day.
Until, of course, I found this eye-opener brightly colored(^-^) flora at one corner of the alley I was passing through. As though, I was suddenly zapped into one episode of Pleasantville..when I suddenly realized that everything is COLORFUL at that very exact moment.
Had I been dreaming? I mean, I'd been exposed to ONLY grey+white  (yet, never dull) color of spring...until I came across this alley. 
Now, that's what I call 'COLOR life' 
even...I suddenly became an avid lover of scarves and handbags store.!!! 
And..I was finally able to spot one girl in YELLOW jacket among the mostly-dark side of people's jackets..though it's Spring!
So, that's the 2 Colors of Spring...at least to me.

Being A Joseon Dynasty's Guard....

Before we left, we got something else to do. We signed up for a chance to try out passing an examination to be a Joseon guard. 

As it turned out, well..I was surrounded by high school students who were more than eager to try this one out. I was beside myself...:) since...not many adults ( as expected!!!) were into this kind of stuff. 
But..that didn't hamper us from 'enjoying' this act of valor:)* 
Archery was one of the examinations we got to master. 
After a 1.5 hour long exam, we got a photo session with the guards who helped us get through the *supposedly* rigorous test we'd ever been into. 

And last ..but surely not least...a picture with our group's chief of guards. Oh, my friend, Ismail, managed to get a dip of lucky present since he managed to pull it off during an archery session. Bravo, dude.

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