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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Collectible Managerie

생각해 보니까. ..ㅋㅋㅋ 디즈니 캐릭터가 더 많네요. 
I din't know why, but I guess it's because we watched Disney movies a lot. 
Woody and Buzz-lightyear of Toy Story.
Elsa and Olaf of Frozen.
Mr.Peabody and Sherman ...oops..right these two guys are NOT from Disney.^^
and...the newest family member....Baymax of BIG Hero.
Along with other managerie made of color clay, all of them are nicely (?^^) showcased on top of our shoe-rack on the left side of our apartment main door.
oh...there's a half-globe with our picture inside.
And...seperti inilah kelihatannya.
akeh tenan je.
penuuuuuuh buangeeeeeet!!!
틈이 없을 정도로 ....FULL HOUSE^^

Oh, Siapa Tokoh Bulan Ini?

Ternyata Pak Didik dari KBRI di Seoul.
wah...kebetulan banget. Pas saya lagi KBS ternyata Pak Didik sedang diwawancarai oleh Pak Nugroho-pemandu acara.
karena itu...pas sedang rekaman, sengaja saya datang ke studio dan mengabadikan momen ini. 
Selamat terus berkarya, Pak.

2-Week Program on Indonesian Language Came Full Circle

phew...akhirnya selesai juga kelas padat selama 2 minggu atau 80 jam. Yup...setiap hari dari jam 9 pagi sampai 5 sore, saya membantu kelas bahasa Indonesia.
Ada lima peserta dengan berbagai latar belakang.
Sambil membawa sertifikat masing-masing, kami berpose dulu. 인증샷 있어야죠^^ 
What about selfie? It is a must^^
Pak Charles, Im Young,Won-ha, Luke, Rin, and me.
See you around, guys.
Jangan lupa utk terus belajar, ya!

Eyra's Newest Works of Art

Another Monday afternoon as usual. Eyra walked home...carrying another cool works of art she created at school. 
It has been the 3rd year in a row that she keeps on practising ....making stuffs out of color clay. 
and...to date...this is the biggest one so far. Hmm...is it? She has made many arts....so many that we just couldnt keep all of them in one place.
This is samulnori-players. Right, Eyra?
We're proud of you.
We will always let you do what you like........making this kind of stuffs out of your creativity; as long as you enjoy making them.

Freya Will be an Elementary School Student

Last week I took Freya to her new school. Yup...on Feb. 12, Freya will finish her 2-yeryear kindergarten^^
Whoa..time passes.
We decided to send her to a different school from where her eonni is.
It's much closer to home.
Starting from March 2, 2015...she will be officially an elementary school student....that she has been talking about. Yup she is excited. That's a good sign. 
Congratulations to you, Freya.
Semoga jadi anak yang baik dlm segala hal. AMIN.

BIG Hero 6: Baymax!

just watched the premiere of Disney's BIG Hero on IMAX 3D in Korea. Yup, as I observed, Korea deliberately screened animation movie wayyyyy lateeeerrrrr than other countries. Even back home, my friends in Indonesia watched this movie ....in Nov. Last year^^ 
But....better late than never.
so...after watching, we went out of the theater and found ourselves in a gallery of big-sized life-like posters displaying the movies.
oh...there's one ajumma who helped clean the theater clean. Thank you, dearest ajumma. 
At the gallery hall, we bumped into the most lovable and almost-huggable hero...BAYMAX.
Without further ado...each of us started to take a picture with him.
Yep...he's sure BIG.
Even for the kids' mom, too. 
huge tummy, and...most of all...a well-rounded character that kids love.
This has been a great time.

Delightful Food/Snack I Encountered This Past Week

First of all, at times...I got to admit that I've been craving for anything sweet...geezzh...I know I shouldn't have, but who could turn down a giftpack of traditional home-town snack that my student brought for me?
It is made of coconut brown sugar, peanuts, and tapioca (?)....@nyway...it's crunchily tempting. Gone in a few seconds^^
We went to a nearby Korean restaurant and ordered 알밥 [albab] which is basically rice with assorted side dish....but mostly veggies and the 알밥 itself~~which is actually ^fish eggs^
..and with two shrimp tempura, it just blew me away....^^ of course, I didn't eat the shrimps. My kids did.
Back at home...I had scrumptious....light (?) Diner...consisting of tempe, emping, boiled sprouts, black beans mixed with coconut shreds, and the irreplaceable sambal!!!
Thanks to my wife who knows what I like.
I was home and it's served..
And...one more thing that I love is kering tempe or dried tempe (soybean) mixed with peanuts, garlic, shallot, and chilli.
whoa...a good meal for a vegetarian like me.
again and again...I thank my wife for making all of these.


Nothing much to say about it. It's just one of the kids' infatuation to the so-called mine-craft thing. They literally play it on the phone. Since I didn't allow them to have the paid version of the game....
...the only way they could pull it off is by...well...keep on making stuffs..or world out of this minecraft game without ever being able to save it.
so...when Eyra made this 돌고래...I just thought of taking a picture of it so as to keep it memorable.
Way to go, kids!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Inline Skating @ Incheon Airport

The newly opened inline skate ring @ Incheon Airport. 
With an entrance fee as much as 3,000 Won for kid..and upon the request of Eyra and Freya...we sent them into the ring for 1 hour..and more.
It turned out that Freya got the hang of it quite quickly..for being the first timer.!!!
As for her sister, Eyra got her ice skating lessons at school...so she's really into this inline skating, too.
Judging from her looks, she did enjoy her time. 
oh,well..at least they got a great time...hanging out at the airport. 
I loved watching them play the inline skate together...hand in hand. 
At times...while Eyra was showing off....Freya, well, fell off.^^
But..most of the time..they really got the fun and groove together. 
1 hour and a-half..they're playing inline skating...so much that they're hungry...^^
so we dined at a restaurant nearby. Indeed, we sort of forgot that we spent almost half day at the airport.
And...still...enjoying our time.. 
but..it't time to go home.
We went to the airport to see our friends off...and then..made the best use of our time there, too.

Prayer Room @ Incheon Airport

I was @ Incheon Airport to see om Wawan and mbak Ulfa off. It's 4.30 pm and I hadn't prayed, yet. So, I got to find the prayer room. I know that Incheon provides prayer rooms both in arrival and departure halls. For departure halls, I got to find it on B1 (Basement 1) floor and ...phew..what a great 'adventure' in itself.
Finally I found it after, well, 30 minutes of  circling around the vast and huge B1 floor with its zigzagging corridors.
First, as soon as I opened the door, I could see 3 different prayer rooms: one for Christians, one for Catholics, and one for Buddhist believers.
I was not that surprised to see that I could not find prayer room for Muslim. I read from other blogs that they must/ had no other options but to sue the Buddhist prayer room to pray..since it is the one that resembles the Masjid in terms of its wooden floor to pray on.
This is it. Yes, I was praying using this floor....of course..it was a bit weird that I had to pray inside /with the Buddhist nuance around me..but..this was the best I could find. I mean..the Christian and Catholic sections are fully equipped with benches and seats that would make it impossible for me to perform the prayer. 
and...this is how the Buddhist prayer room looked like. 
and...the B1 Floor where the Prayer Room located....
is right next to the Airport Railway Express Ticket Counters...
or..ask for direction from the Information Service to guide us where to go.
*Oh, it was having a serene feeling when I was inside the prayer room....
don't ask me why...^^

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