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Sunday, September 14, 2014

waiting for Godot a.k.a. my students...^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

Waiting for Godot...
waiting for my students. ^^
Gee.....what a lame day it is. I mean...we're supposed to start the class at 10 but then we found out that there was NO electricity in the class. Later I found out that we're asked to start the class at 11 since there was this electricity-related maintenance service or something. But then...it's now past 11 and yet..I haven't seen a single student...wait...one's coming in. ^^ ..
well...geeezz....어떻게...이럴수가...맨날 이렇게 하면 안 되는데..참.
하룻종일 어제부터 가의자료를 얼마나 열심히 준비했는데...이렇게 될 줄 몰랐네요...
담부터 10분이라도 늦게 온다면 그냥 교실앞에서 가만히 서라고 할까??? ㅋㅋㅋ
waiting for Godot.....
고도란 말을 쓰니까 미안해, 얘들아...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jalanan @ EBS International Documentary Festival

Finally I could say that I made a great decision of sort of forcing myself to attend the last screening of an Indonesian movie called 'Jalanan' a.k.a. Street Busker directed by a Canadian-born Indonesianist-turned-director 'mas Daniel Ziv. ^^ 
It took me an hour to see the movie at Lotte Cinema at Digital Media City. And the theater was 3/4 full. And..finally I could see it with my own eyes and enjoy the music with my own ears...what the people have been chattering about for the past year. 
EIDF 2014 is indeed a good platform to share and bring forth the diverse documentary about issues we otherwise never have thought of before. Just like the one presented in "Jalanan", as an Indonesian myself, I was completely shocked by the realities widely and bare opened in front of our eyes. Yes..it's a good wake-up call about the harsh realities faced by minorities..or even invisible minorities or..should I say..subculture? who live in Jakarta. 
After..getting out of the theater..I was suddenly brought back to the glittering realities that I am in Seoul, Korea...which is completely different from the striking contrast of the harsh realities faced by some Indonesians, especially those unfortunate ( I could be wrong, though) street buskers. 
Definitely worth-it. And I recommend anyone interested in seeing the other side of the seemingly-gleaming life of Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. 
Thank you mas Daniel Ziv, for bringing the issue up^^

Busy, eh? Sure...I am. But.it's worth-it

Yes..some of my friends were wondering as to why ...despite the fact that I've been busy with my school work, research, job, family...I still have time for one more thing, i.e. teaching Indonesian migrant workers who are studying at the Indonesia Open University in Korea. Well, that's easy to answer! I've been busy involving myself in lots of endless possibilities wherever I am. 
For the past 1.5 years, I've been teaching our friends, Indonesian migrant workers, at the university. I love them so much since they are the cream of the cream...^^
I mean..they've been working hard during a whole week,even until Saturday night, yet...they decided to use their time on Sundays to study at a university level. 
So...it's been such a privilege to be able among them. The ones who see their future by not only 'pursuing' material gain (money or remittance) they send back home to their loved ones, but also pursuing something else: knowledge.
That's why...thanks to our close association with one of our professors (Prof. Yang Seung Yoon) who happens to be serving his term at the Senior Public Diplomacy Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea...., we managed  to seal a deal of distributing --I mean..donating books on Korea written in Bahasa Indonesia...written by Indonesian students and scholars...and dedicated to all Indonesian students at this Open University.
I am simply glad that I am a part of it.
it's not much...but at least..that's what we're trying to do to keep on doing our goal of sharing knowledge...wherever and whenever.^^

One More Thing To Go

The final semester of my required 4-semester at the program.
 Now that I finally finished the 4th semester with a good result I should cherish and be thankful for, I cannot just be relax and loosen up even a bit...
since more challenges are coming. 
But whatever they are....I hope I can finish my goal of completing my PhD until next year, 2015. That's the goal. Of course..there are lots of things to do...but I am sure that things are going to be fine as long as I stick to what I have planned. 
it's been such a great time....every moment of it. 
squeezed among classes, researches, traveling, .....all packed in ONE. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Highlights of SEA TRAIN ride @ Korea's east coast (part 1)

We sat at the very seat once used by the late president Kim Dae-jung when he took a ride on this train!!! Wow what a coincidence.^^ 
What a great journey it was to be able to see the whole view of the sea 
from inside the train. 
Whenever we went into the tunnel, the lights kept on changing.^^ 
We could stop at some destinations to take pictures. 
At the rail-bike scene.^^ (more stories later) 
One of the privileges of taking sea train ride was being able to enjoy the sea from the comfort of air-conditioned compartment in this summer.^^ 
Samcheok: the last station where we started off another trip to remember.^^

Bye-Bye Santa Beach Pension

It's 1 p.m. and time for us to check out from the pension we stayed for one night @ Gyeongpo, Gangneung. We should have checked out at 12, but I already told the owner (주인) asking her as to whether we could check out at 1 pm since we got to pray the afternoon prayer first before going out. Happily she said yes and okayed us to stay one more hour.

Now..it's time to say goodbye to Santa Beach Pension and for the sake of capturing the memory (again...^^) we took some pictures in front of the house.

Freya and Eyra seemed to be so tired, but then...she became enthusiastically happy again when she found out that we're about to take the sea-train trip.^^
(to be continued on our journey on the SEA TRAIN on the east coast of Korea).

Circling Around Gyeongpo Lake (part 3)

I think we're reaching 4.5 km towards the end of the lane or the very spot where we started pedaling this bike. We're taking a rest (again) to enjoy the moment.  
I kind of envied those who live near the lake for they must be able to do jogging, cycling, or exercising around this lake on a daily basis.  
Or those having private cars must have been able to enjoy 'cruising' or 'driving' around the lake, as seen on the pic. 
Yes..this was pretty much what we could see when we circled around the lake. Pedestrian lane and bike lanes were separated. Oh, anyone notice the white branched-tree over there? 
Or over there? At first, I thought they were real. But..then..they're actually not. They're lamps or bulbs attached onto the branches to be lit up at nights.^^ 
Now..let's take a pic again....before continuing our ride heading towards the finish line: 1.5 km to go.

Circling Around Gyeongpo Lake (part 2)

It's not even yet 2 km from the starting point, yet we already found diverse point of interest to see. Eyra and Freya just couldn't be more excited than this.
There was this large pond full of lotus. Although not all of them bloomed when we were there, some lotus indeed gave us enough impression on what it must've been like when all of them bloomed. 
Spacious enough wooden path was set to let visitors freely enjoy the lotus pond. 
But then...I started to wonder and question as to whether what we saw was indeed lotus. 
I mean...from the shape and color, they're not like any Lotus I'd seen before.
oh, well...we enjoyed the time we spend there though. 
Now girls..just sit there and let me take a pic of you. 
If only....all of the flowers were blooming when we were there. 
Now..let's go back onto our 'sepeda ceria' and continue our journey circling around the lake...and there was 4 km more to go. 
And...me doing the pedaling again? no problemo.!! 
In the midst of fresh and clean air imbued with calm surrounding around the lake, we didn't ask for more.
Oh, we found this 물레방아 or watermill when we're about to continue the journey.
so..why not take a picture of it, first, eh?

Circling Around The Gyeongpo Lake (part 1)

Since we still had 3 hours left before checking out, we decided to spend the time (again) at the lake and this time, instead of walking around, we rent a pedicab? ..a four-wheeled bike??....a bike-car?? oh,well..we called it 'sepeda ceria' 
30,000 Won for 6 people for one-round of circling the 6-km long lake.^^ 
Eyra & Freya were at the front seats specially designed for kids. As for us, well, we did most of the pedaling. 
It was really fun. 
The weather was friendly to us.^^ I mean..no scorching heat at all.  
We took turn to pedal and steer the 'sepeda ceria' as only one driver was necessary to maneuver the bike.^^ The rest? pedaling while enjoying the scenery.
At picture-perfect point of interest, we just parked the bike and got off from it to let us enjoy the view and...well, what's not to like about 'capturing some pictures'? 
Two...takes. *with monopod or tongsis in my right and. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gyeongpo Lake (part 6)

As we kept on walking around the lake, we found more and more flora too beautiful to just pass them by.^^ 
Still in the tranquil morning at the lake: I started to capture the natural beauty.
Of course, the lenses cannot capture the real essence of its charms. 
A drop of water or dew hanging on the tip of this purple flower captured my attention. It's really a sight to behold. 
Color after color of nature began to emerge and be exposed onto our eyes and senses. Never thought that this is summer. Or...was it just me who never realized that summer could be this dazzlingly stimulating? 
Yes..and all of these...I found just in a mere few meter radius from where we walked. 
Then...wild bushes that sprouted along the lake were additional beauty to the landscape. 
If we look at the lake's surrounding we wouldn't be able to closely admire the beauty, yet..if we stop and then look into every corner of the lake...we'd find those natural wonders around us.

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